Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good News...Bad News.

Good news: I'm off of work today!
Bad news:  Bella tried to wake up at 5:30am, I quickly put her back to bed and told her it was still night-night time.  But she was up for good at 7:15...still a bit early for me!  I was hoping for a miracle like 9am.

Good news: I pruned most of my crape myrtles and rose bushes.
Bad news: I was attacked by thorns.  I have no idea why I chose to plant such mean bushes when it comes time to prune.

Good news: I took a nice, long nap today.
Bad news: I'm not going to finish all of my outside "To-Dos" today.

Good news: Bella knew to run inside today when she had to tee-tee.
Bad news: She only made it to the garage where I looked up to see her with her pants down, squatting to pee, half on the driveway, half on her clothes.  (no, she didn't learn that from me.)

Good news: We sold our furniture!
Bad news: We don't have any extra money right now to put with it to get the sectional that we've been dreaming about.

Good news: I made chicken quesadillas and they tasted pretty good!
Bad news: I really wanted to be eating Mexican for lunch with my pregnant best friend.  I miss her so much.
This is a picture from last summer, but portrays exactly the type of day I'm having.
Good news:  That was so darn cute.
Bad news: my 1 year old had rolled our house.

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