Thursday, February 9, 2012

On the hunt:

I've already admitted that when I want something, I get a little obsessive about it.  I can hear my daddy now say, "Megan, Just BE PATIENT!"  That's a hard one for me.  So my obsession right now are the dishes that I bought for Bella's Birthday Brunch to go on the hot chocolate table.  I bought 2 bowls and 2 mugs at Home Goods.   Look at those beauties:  Perfect color, perfect design, LOVE.  I'm smitten over these darn things!
So I've been on a mission to find a set.  And I have struck out.  I'm scoured the internet and nothing comes up.  I've been back to Home Goods 4 times looking for them. They are made in Portugal by Metceramica.  I have finally found the name of the design: Batalha collection.  This afternoon, I have a bite in my search: I found an import/export site...
I'm so excited thinking that my adorable dishes might be on their way to Houston, TX right now!  So I call this Neiman Marcus that it's being shipped to.  They "don't have it in their database yet".  Dang!  I hope this isn't a bogus site getting my hopes up for nothing!  But on February 28th (the excited arrival date), I'll be calling back!  

The blue is my very favorite, but look at these others...
If anyone has any information regarding these dishes and where I can get some please let this crazy obsessive blogger know, by emailing me ASAP (before I burst with obsession).

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