Friday, January 27, 2012

Lucy's Nursery

So we've already taken a tour of Bella's big girl room, so now it's Lucy's turn.  Even though she is still in our room, next to our bed, it won't be long before she moves to her own room.  I'm kinda sad about her moving out.  I love her being so close and those late night feedings are so nice to not even get out of bed.  It's ready for when I feel that the time is right.

 I love the rustic cross on her wall.  This cute stool is from our cousin, Emily.  She got Rylee, Bella and Lucy matching ones.
 My Mammaw painted this for this room and her great-grand babies.

 Our bow collection in her closet.  This is a sonogram of Bella at 12 weeks.  At my baby shower, everyone wrote a sweet message.  Even though this isn't "Lucy's", I couldn't take it down.
I hope you've enjoyed the tour!

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