Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bella's Big Girl Room

Even though, this room has been done for weeks, Bella just moved into it last week.  I have had extreme anxiety about her sleeping in her big girl bed.  She is usually a great sleeper, so I really didn't want to mess that up, but little Lucy will be in her crib soon.  So after we got back from the beach, we made the big switch.  She has amazed me!  I'm so proud.  She's only cried a few nights.  We decided to move Bella into the room across the hall and leave the nursery for Lucy.  I did make a few small changes for Lucy.  We'll explore her room another day.

For now, let's check out Bella's big girl room...

This was my Granny's dresser.  Granny is very present throughout this room.  I love the look and sturdiness of this dresser & mirror.  

I lined the drawers with this sweet fabric.

 Bedtime stories from this book have become a new ritual. 

I really, really, really LOVE this lamp! Like, it's my favorite in my whole house!  This is also Bella's wish box.  On her 1st birthday, all the guest wrote a wish/prayer for her & placed them in this special box.

 The sweet frame that hangs next to her mirror, I think fits the "feel" of this room perfectly.  I plan to update the photos pretty soon.  

Her big girl bed!  I love the quilt with sweet little blue flower on it.  I made her "B" out of MDF & tulle for about $6.  

This monkey swung in her crib.  Every night she would reach up there & turn it on herself to put her to sleep.  So monkey got to go across the hall too.  It provides a little extra light & music while she's trying to fall asleep.  

Butterfly night light.

I shopped around for a miniature couch for this area of the room, but I couldn't find one cheaper than $100. My budget for this room was very tight & that was WAY more that I was willing to spend!  So as an alternative, Lindsay found this toddler bed at a yard sale for $3.  I cleaned & spray painted it.  I think it works just as good!  Bella loves playing & putting her babies to bed in it.

Toy storage

I've had this window sitting in our garage for years waiting for the perfect project...I found it!  I so loved how this turned out.  I love the fabric backgrounds.  I purposely left a square open for the perfect sisters photo.

This bedside table & wooden box was also Granny's.  I got this star light and cord cover inspiration from my creative friend Kristin.  If you only knew how excited I was to finally get the star light hanging!  Under the star, in the frame is a sweet poem that my Granny jotted down.  We found it folded in one of her drawers after she passed away.  It's been tucked away for 8 years.  I pulled it out for Bella's room.  It's like a message from heaven to my little girls from my sweet Granny.

View from the door

View from the window

I hope you've enjoyed the tour.  I love her vintage, new room!

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