Monday, February 20, 2012

A 2 year old's language

Bella has some of the cutest words.  She's 2 years & 2 months.  Here's the other language in our household...

Hurse is her pretty pink purse that she loves carrying around.

Hicky Mouse is by far her very favorite show.

We eat grice pretty regularly around here, usually wild or yellow.

She loves eating skettios.  She'll wake up at 6:30 am, asking to eat a bowl!

"That's mines!"

With her arms stretched up to me in her whiniest voice, "Hold you, Mommy, PEAS!"

"By day"...Right there.

I'm often asked to "Fic it, Mom"

I would prefer her to call me Mommy or Mama.  Mom just sounds like she's so old.  We always said Mama, so when Bella calls me just sounds off a little.  I try to convince her to say Mama or Mommy;  it ends up being "".

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Stephanie said...

I'm with u on the mommy thing. MG started calling me "mom" right after she turned four. My heart broke a little.

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