Thursday, February 2, 2012


It was one of my goal to get completely caught up on all my photo books before I went back to work.  I ordered them last weekend.  I got them this week and I LOVE the way they turned out! I make "yearbooks" that's filled with everything we do through out the year.  I made a small 8x8 book telling about each of my pregnancies.  I am making Bella and Lucy baby books and a book for each year (age 1-5 is the goal).  I've even got another idea to create a book for them about our family and their heritage.  They are lucky to still have both set of great-grandparents on Jacob's side and their great-grandmother on my side.  I'm thinking of filling it with stories and photos of their family. Grandparents are always full of interesting stories.  Why not collect them & create a book, so we can look back on stories of our family?
Bella's 1 year old book

Lucy's baby book

My most recent HUGE order: Pregnancy with Lucy, 2011 year books, Bella's 1 year old book, Lucy's baby book

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