Saturday, November 3, 2012

To my lovely Lucy on your 1st birthday~

My dear lovely Lucy,

I am sad that you are no longer my tiny baby.  You will always be my baby, but to see you already celebrating your 1st birthday is hard to grasp.  What a wonderful year we've had together as a family.  When you already have one child and another one comes into your life, some parents may ask "how can I love the 2nd one as much?".  I was never worried about this, because my dear friend, Dani (who has 4 children) explained that when you have children, your love doesn't divide, it multiplies.  I knew that I would love you dearly, whole-heartedly, unconditionally.  And I do...with all that I am.  I love you, Lucy Lee!  One thing in this world that is certain is that your daddy and your sister loves you just as much, just as completely as I do.  So, in this big, busy, crazy world, do not ever think that you are alone.  You will always have a crowd behind you cheering you on.  Dream big, my little one.  Then work hard to achieve your goals, but never be unfair or dishonest to get to where you want to be.  Pray a lot.  Talk to God when you are scared or worried...He will comfort you.  Pray when you are uncertain or at a cross Him and He will direct your paths.  Praise Him when good things happen.  Praise Him when bad things happen, even if you don't understand why.  God knows.  He has a grand plan for all of us and we must trust in Him.  Savor the small things in life~like the warm sun on your face, when the moon dances on the water, when you watch someone do a random act of kindness, genuine smiles, when the leaves create a beautiful portrait in the fall and the fresh flowers bud in the spring.  Savor those little moments. Those are what matter. Do not be greedy.  Always give, for there will always be some less fortunate.  Be kind to everyone.  All the time.

I am so grateful for each day, for each moment that the Lord has given us together. I'm excited to watch you grow. I know the years ahead of us will be ones of sweet joy.
I love you,

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Darby said...

How incredibly sweet! I'm crying here! You're such a good mama! Happy birthday Lucy!

Brynn said...

So sweet! I remember the day well. Happy Birthday, Lucy! "B" loves you very much! Megan, you are such a great mom to Bella and Lucy. They are lucky to have you! Love you all!

♥ Erica said...

So sweet. Way to make a girl cry! :) it was beautiful. She's one lucky girl to have a mommy like you!

Melody Ellis said...

I hope our littles appreciate this when they are old enough to. This is so sweet.

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