Wednesday, October 3, 2012

11 Months

Oh my lovely Lucy, your 1st birthday is nearing and I'm getting sad that your infancy is ending.  Last month, you experienced your 1st illness: respiratory infection, ear and eye infections.  It broke mine and your daddy's hearts to see you sick.  It was also the 1st time that you drank from a sippy cup.  We went on a short 2 night camping trip.  You are so curious when it comes to food.  If we are eating, you want some too!!! I'm excited to be planning your 1st birthday party!  But it's a bittersweet feeling that my baby is growing up.  I love your army/belly crawl and will be so sad when it becomes a thing of the past.  But I love when new things happen too.  I love how ticklish you have become.

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Kimmyyy83 said...

Tub baby booty picture! LOVE IT!!!!

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