Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our 1st Boo at the Zoo

These were 2 excited little girls!
Mimi and Bella
We were happy that daddy got to come!  He meet us there after he got off work.
Priss Pot!
Bella LOVED seeing all the princesses dressed up.  She would stop and just stare as they passed her.  We asked one princess to take a picture with them.  You can see how happy Bella was to be sitting next to her.  I know what Bella will be for Halloween next year!!!
Me and my baby pumpkin!
Mimi and Pops with their grand-babies!
My little pumpkin patch!  
Lucy and Mimi
Happy Halloween!!

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Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

SO cute - what adorable costumes. Elle wants to be a princess every day of her life - so on Halloween I make her change it up. You and your sisters are so stinkin cute. I wish I would of had sisters:( Happy Halloween

Amy said...

Aww, how cute!! Great costumes and adorable little girls! Happy Halloween.

The Jazzy Belle said...

precious!!! I love that all three of you girls in the Epperson fam were jackolanterns... All Hartsfield women and their offspring are adorable though!! <3

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