Wednesday, November 21, 2012

a little comparison

I love a good now/then and before/after.

These are both favorite pictures of Aunt Lulu and Lucy.  Both taken when we went to see Santa.

We were at the beach when Bella was 10 months old. I saw this cool tree, sat Bella up there and got some pretty cool pictures.  
Fast forward 2 years...Lucy is 11 months in these pictures. We noticed this pretty cool tree, got the same dress out and took some pretty cool pictures.

You all know well what our babies look are some pictures when we were little.  Who looks like who???
Me probably about 3 years old
Jacob around a year old
me at my granny's around 9 months old

This is Jacob...but Lucy makes this face daily!
Me when I was about 2.

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Brynn said...

Lucy definitely looks like Jacob when he was young and Bella is you made over! Both are cuties!!

Darby said...

Bella is you and Lucy is Jacob :))))

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