Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bella's Birthday Brunch

Our Bella Boo is turning 2 years old.  We had a fun Birthday Brunch to celebrate.

Hot Chocolate table

 Bella LOVED opening her presents this year!  She got SO EXCITED about each and every one.  Her eyes would light up and she would say "Wow".  

Daddy, Nana and Lucy
 Uncle Bobo assembled Bella's new baby nursery.  She patiently waited while he worked.  She would inch closer and closer until he was finished.

I wish I had a new wardrobe like Bella! (Hint, birthday is in January)

When planning a party you hope for the best & her party couldn't have gone any better.  The food was yummy, decorations like I like them and I could tell that Bella had so much fun.  
THANK YOU to Mimi, Aunt Lulu and Aunt KK for helping with the party. THANK YOU to Mimi and Nana for helping clean up.  THANK YOU to Aunt Lulu for taking pictures.  THANK YOU to Aunt Cassi for videoing.  THANK YOU to Uncle Bobo for the assembly.

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Rhonda Boone said...

Wow! Cannot believe Bella is Two! Looks like she had a Great Birthday! She is sooo Cute! Love her doll nursery!

The Jazzy Belle said...

Man Meg.. you guys are just too cute!! Bella has had me going through blog posts and pics for 30 mins now when I should be working. haha.. oh well. You've got such a BEAUTIFUL family!! I'm so glad to see you guys so very happy. Love you.

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