Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Change of seasons

Halloween is over. Thanksgiving is over.  Iron bowl is over.  You know what that means...the seasons have officially changed.  It's winter and time to get the christmas decorations out of the attic and get this house twinkling pretty!  I had a couple of helpers...

It isn't the assembly of the tree, it the failure of the pre-lit lights that's what's so frustrating!
Bella helped me put ornaments on the tree this year. She did a great job except she didn't understand that you have to spread the ornaments out, not put them all on one branch!

That one little branch had all it could take when they all came tumbling down.
We took a break when Aunt KK came over with some early gifts.

For mommy (and Bella)

For Lucy

Book for Bella

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Jacob Epperson said...

Good memories to always look back on!

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