Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trimming the tree

I am not too picky when it come to Christmas tree ornaments.  They don't have to be a certain color or style, as long as I love it.  Most all of our ornaments have a meaning, whether it be who gave it to us or what it represents.  The other few are just pretty and sparkly.  
This is me & Bella on her birthday, 10 days before Christmas

This is a picture from our 1st "married" Christmas

So the story with this one is...when we 1st got married, before we built our house, we lived in a 16x80 small trailer.  I called it "the cabin" because it sounded much more country-chic and cool than "y'all coming to the trailer later?"  Let's be clear.  I wasn't ashamed of "the cabin", it allowed us to save a lot of money, so we could build this nice house that we live in today!

This is an ornament that Brynn brought back from Niagara Falls when her & Josh went on an anniversary trip there.

Ok, so this one is just a cute on that I bought at the hospital gift shop.

I got these next two at the Shrimp Festival one year.

I love our star!!

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Brandy Bo said...

Don't you just love a tree filled with memories?! I love trees like yours that have a ton of stories to go with it. Makes it more personal and special! And good for you for having enough sense to do what you had to do and live in the cabin! Y'all were smart enough to know that you can't have it all immediately, and only hard work will get you there. Your mamma's raised you right :)
Brandy Bocchino

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