Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Ya know what gets on my when people portray themselves as being perfect. Having the perfect marriage, with the perfect kids, in the perfect home, enjoying the perfect life.  When I started this blog I wanted to keep it real (Brynn will laugh because I said 'keepin it real'.   Haha!).  So I want to announce to everyone how real I am...
  • I am a horrible cook.  I do not enjoy it because my meals turn out burnt or dried out or just yucky!
  • My house is 80% of the time covered in toys and I've come to just accept it and only pick up at night...sometimes.
  • I love to take naps.  So much that I've become a bit lazy while on maternity leave.
  • I do not like to eat healthy.  I don't care about eating organic or the proper servings of vegetables.  I love eating candy and all other sweets!
  • I don't really like to exercise that much either!  
  • I'm 20 pounds overweight and my desire to take naps and eat candy isn't helping things!
  • My amazing husband and I can get snappy with each other occasionally.  But at least we always fight fair, never name-calling!
  • My beautiful Bella can be super whiny and clingy at times.
  • My lovely, little Lucy that smells like an angel after her baths, smells like spit up and poop before her bath.  
  • Since becoming a mommy of 2, I usually don't brush my teeth until after 10am.  I smell like spit up and poop by the end of the day too.  And by the time Jacob gets home, I'm sure he's less than impressed with the appearance of his wife.
  • I really love to host parties and get-togethers at my house, but no matter how much preparation I do, 1 hour before the party, I'm always one big ball of stress and in freak-out mode!
  • No matter what people say, my body will never get used to getting up at 5am to go to work.
  • I want beautiful gardens (without having to work on them).
  • People do and say kind things to me often and I feel like I never return the favors.  I forget birthdays and anniversaries.
  • I'm usually late and people have to wait on me. (I'm sorry.  I really hate that about myself!)
  • We are in debt, trying hard to get out, so we can put in a pool=more debt.  When will we ever learn?!
  • I wish I had really pretty handwriting, I don't!
  • I'm a worrier.  Worrying about the smallest of things.
  • I wish I had a talent that I could be paid for.   Like a little side job (that would make us rich).
  • I don't read books, unless Nicholas Sparks wrote it or Bella asks me to read a book with her.
  • I try to be organized and I think I am, but Jacob would tell you otherwise!
  • I'm ridiculously impatient.  When I am excited about something I obsess over it!
The list could go on and on, but Lucy just pooped.  So it's time to end this post and carry on with my wonderfully blessed and imperfect life...

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Brittany said...

I am the same way about hosting, my planning drives shane crazy! I also only read Nicholas sparks or whatever bible study book I'm doing! And I'm awful with the bday anniversary thing too! This lady at the apartments threw me a party only for me to not even tell her happy bday on hers...I still feel awful but I swear she never told me the date. Just letting you know you aren't alone on these issues!

Jacob Epperson said...


Darby McQueen said...

We all have imperfections...yours just look so much cuter than mine! :) you are an awesome mother, and I'm sure wife too! I love you!

Megan Lytton said...

My favorite blogs are when people talk about their flaws bc it makes me feel less crazy. I know I sometimes have the habit of looking at others and thinking "wow, they have it all together, I need to shape up"! So thank you for helping me feel a little more normal today :)

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