Tuesday, November 1, 2011

During this pregnancy...

For this to be such a medically uneventful pregnancy, I feel like my life has been very eventful the past 9 months!  We found out that I was pregnant on Sunday March 6, 2011 and we couldn't have been any happier!

7 weeks - We saw a strong heartbeat.

8 weeks - I ran a half-marathon.  Please understand that I am NOT a runner.  After I had Bella that was the easiest form of exercise at the time: put her in the stroller and (oh, so slowly) jog around my neighborhood. My friends (aka. The Lunachicks) decided to do an 8K in our town.  I joined them.  A half-marathon was my end goal of this new form of exercising.  I had no intentions of doing one just months after my 1st race. But out of peer pressure and ignorance, I signed up for this one too.  I had talked Brynn into joining me.  She reluctantly agreed.  1 month before the race I find out I'm pregnant.  However, I did not want tell anyone.  You see, Brynn had been trying for 2 long years to get pregnant and had been with me through my 1st pregnancy and I had just always imagined that she would be the next one with the little + sign.  I knew that she would be very happy for me, but be heartbroken for her.  I just kept thinking, I'll wait a little longer and maybe she'll be pregnant when I tell her.  So after the approval of my OB doctor, I put on my shoes, fought the overwhelming urge to vomit with every step and I ran.  My time was horrible.  There were all kind of people passing me, some that had to be in their 70s and others that were at least 50 pounds heavier that me!  But I just kept going.  I am very proud to say that I didn't vomit once and I did complete the race!  Little Lucy and I can add that to our "Proud that I did it, happy that it's DONE" list.
Notice in the picture that I am the only one crossing the finish line...that's because almost everyone else has already finished!
Embarrassed by my time, but proud to cross that finish line!
Cassi, me, Brynn

11 weeks - We told our family and friends on Easter.  Bella wore an adorable shirt that said on the front, "This little chick has an Easter secret..", on the back "I'm going to be a BIG SISTER"!  Everyone was excited!!

18 weeks - I felt the baby move for the 1st time.

19 weeks - The day after Father's Day and Jacob's 27th birthday, we found out that IT'S A GIRL!!!  We had a "Reveal Party".  We invited our family over.  I wrapped a box with a surprise that would reveal our gender secret...

21 weeks - Jacob and I decided on a name while we were on vacation during Independence Day...LUCY LEE EPPERSON.   Lucy was Jacob's favorite that we were tossing around and the more he called her that, I loved it just as much.  Lee is after Jacob and my Papaw (Virgil Lee).

30 weeks - I started feeling mild irregular contractions, usually after my 12 hour shifts or carrying around Bella most of the day.

34 weeks - I felt Lucy's hiccups for the 1st time!

36 weeks - We went to the beach for our Shrimp Festival vacation.  I said good-bye to my best friend, Brynn who moved to Tulsa, OK.

37 weeks - My precious family threw Lucy a diaper shower.  Mama, Lindsay and Caitlin went all out!  The decorations and food was great!

 38 weeks - I received a wonderful shower from my friends at work.  I feel completely blessed to work with this group of thoughtful women.

I celebrated Halloween with this cute little Fishy.  We did a Fall mini-photo session with Kamin.

We can't wait to meet you LUCY LEE!!!   

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