Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Before & the reality check.

Ok!!!  I get it!  I'm starting to learn what my body is going to do the rest of my life.  In my teens, I could eat whatever~whenever and have this thin, hour-glass figure.  After high school about 20 pounds snuck up on me, but I still didn't look that bad. Then I had a baby, lost all but 10 pounds.  Then I had another baby and my post baby body looked disgusting and I was desperate to look better than what I had evolved into.  GAG!
The day after Christmas I started a diet and started exercising.   I had hit rock bottom.  From December until June, I slowly lost 25 chubby, flabby pounds!  Never had I been happier with how I looked because I had earned it!  I was constantly having to motivate myself.  But I stayed in-check.  If I had a bad day the very next day, I was back on track.  Keeping my eyes on my goal weight.  I made this realistic goal weight range.  My range is 5 pounds.  As long as I fluctuate in my healthy range, then I am happy.  I hit it in June, went on vacation in July.  After the vacation, I really started relaxing.  I wasn't counting calories anymore or exercising.  I watched my diet closely a couple weeks prior to my 10 year high school reunion in August.  
Since then it's been a free-for-all.  I'm having a little bit of a pity party because I really wanted to hit my goal weight and be done with it!  Ya know, like I went to school and I FINALLY graduated, and that's it...I earned my degree...I'm done!  I trained for a half marathon...I barely crossed the finish line...I'm done!  {Even though for some cRaZy reason, I kinda, in a way, might want to do another one...just to beat my horrible time-but don't hold me to it.} 

My reality check is that I'm 28, not 18, I'm not getting younger.  The good ol' days where I ate whatever whenever are over.  sniff, sniff  I have to find a balance of eating healthier, exercising some and enjoying good food occasionally.  If I can't find that balance, then I'm going to be FAT.  I was not happy then!  I NEED to be healthier to be happier!

A couple of weeks ago, that sexy man standing next to me in that picture up there, he told me that he was going to work hard for his six-pack abs to show.  I believe him!  He's someone when he puts his mind to something, he does it!  We haven't seen his abs since high school.  He's dieted in the past by increasing his protein & cutting carbs, but he's really like less-than-2000-calorie-DIETING now!  I need that kind of motivation to help me everyday.  To watch him make better choices, so I will too.  I'm reluctantly going to join him.  We have a beach vacation coming up in October.  So at least it'll give me a goal to look forward to.  I'm 3 pounds over my healthy range and that stops TODAY! 

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Elle Noel said...

I understnad your struggle 1,000%. I fight to stay consistantly motivated too. Fried food, cheese, and wine is constantly sneaking into my mouth? Weird... It's taken me a year and a half to lose 50 pounds, I'm 11 from goal now.

I had some tell me- Reaching goal is when the real work starts. Ummm wait what!? No no I already did the hard work! hahaha!

Melanie said...

Oh how I can relate.. I really can. I know the feeling - I am 32 and can NOT continue eating WHOLE bags of candy for dinner. It is hard. I am just not where I was 5 years ago - all I can do is try. You can do it!

Brynn said...

You are BEAUTIFUL and you can do this!!! I have a ways to go with myself too. We can do it together! Love you!!!

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