Saturday, September 8, 2012

HELP~10 year anniversary vacation?!?!?!?!?!

I would love to go on an awesome 10 year anniversary trip.  I have 3 1/2 years to plan it.  I am a planner, so this is the time to begin thinking about our big trip.  I imagine Jacob and I sitting on a beautiful tropical beach for 6-7 glorious days.  Something that doesn't feel like the Gulf Coast.  I love Gulf Shores/Florida coasts, but I'm looking for something more exotic and tropical.    I would LOVE to go to Hawaii...but I think I'll save that trip for another time because it'll be pretty expensive.  I'm cheap about most things...not toilet paper or toothpaste.  But we don't have a crazy budget for this anniversary trip.  We can't spend much because I also want to take a family vacation to Disney World around the same time $$$.  Some suggestions from a few friends are Cabo, Turks & Caicos or St Lucia.  I would love to make this happen on $2,000 or less.  Is that even possible?!  Another tid-bit is that cruises are out.  Jacob is scared of nothing except for the ocean at night time.  He refuses to even discuss the possibility, as soon as I do, he shows me these.   In conclusion, I need an inexpensive, tropical, exotic, romantic, no cruise, 10 year anniversary vacation.  If you can pull any strings & help a sista out, this is your time to shine!

Please share ideas, suggestions, tips, secrets, etc.  If you hook us up, you can come along....yea, that was a joke.  Not really.

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Brynn said...

We went to Cancun for $3100 and that was airfare, hotel, meals, drinks (lots of drinks). This price included paying our travel agent as well. Our Hawaii trip was around $4000 and that was staying on 2 different islands. You have plenty of time to save. Go where you REALLY want to go! Cancun was awesome! Our best trip yet! I don't know of it was just because it was all inclusive??!! All inclusive is definitely the way to go!!!

Holly said...

You could totally do Riveria Maya/Cancun all inclusive for less than $2000. When it gets closer, call a travel agent... They always get the best deals! :)

♥ Erica said...

Hey girl! My sis just started her travel agent job! She does vacations for Sandals, Beaches & Disney! A lot of those places are all enclusive. Which would be super nice. If you want to talk with her, let me know. I will give you her cell number! :)

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