Monday, September 17, 2012



  • my husband
  • my family
  • snuggles with my girls
  • eating carbs
  • when people make me laugh
  • when someone gets all road-raging at me and I wave excitedly at them like they are honking because they are happy to see me (it makes them even more mad. haha)
  • the rare moment when I'm 5 minutes early
  • a really great photo of a really great moment
  • the feeling of fall
  • a massage
  • hosting parties
  • integrity in a person
  • finding a great deal
  • the magic of Christmas
  • compliments
  • riding on a boat on the lake in my swimsuit on a sunny day
  • feeling pretty
  • making lists
  • sitting around a bonfire
  • encouraging others
  • accomplishing something that I once thought I couldn't~completing a half-marathon~losing 25 pounds after baby #2
  • blue hydrangeas
  • crape myrtle trees & weeping willows 
  • the south and my southern accent
  • the iPhone
  • taking naps
  • occasional rainy days
  • real forgiveness
  • a genuine person
  • when I get someone the perfect gift
  • sweet tea
  • walking barefoot on soft grass


  • roaches
  • making people angry or sad
  • commercials during a movie
  • cleaning the bathrooms
  • slow internet
  • feeling rushed
  • bad breath breathing in my face & BO in my personal space.  HYGIENE PEOPLE!
  • interruptions during a conversation
  • having to work hard to look good
  • paying bills
  • my feet
  • my handwriting
  • slow drivers in my way
  • cooking
  • arguing
  • politics
  • abortion
  • hatefulness
  • when my ottor box pulls my hair
  • weeds, the way the look and the chore of pulling them

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Holly said...

I agree with everything on your Hate list... but I would also add mice to that category.

And I didn't know you ran a 1/2 marathon.. You little athlete, you! :)

Kristin F. said...

Hahahaha -- I absolutely wave and giggle at idiot drivers. Those moments are the highlight of my commute :).

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

I love carbs too. Feeling rushed is one of my all time fav hates. Not a fan.

Megan said...

I love crepe myrtles too, but I suck at growing them :)

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