Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my Best friend is having a BOY!

My best friend, Brynn, found out the sex of her baby yesterday.  Her family and close friends met at her mama's house for the big surprise.  Brynn was FaceTiming to see our reaction.  A friend brought in some cupcakes and at the same time we all bit into it and...we saw BLUE for Brynn and Josh's baby boy!!! I'm so thrilled for them!  This has been a long, emotional journey for them.  You might remember they found out they were pregnant just weeks before moving to Tulsa.  I'm sad that she isn't here for me to give her a huge hug, but I know that she's so happy...so I am happy for her!
Brynn's niece, Peyton & cousin, Elise


Brynn's mama, Reva

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Brittany said...

so excited for brynn!!

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