Friday, January 13, 2012

Lucy's newborn photos...take 2

My sweet mama offered to pay for Lucy's newborn pictures.  Someone referred us to a guy, we looked at some of his work and liked it.  We contacted him, set up a date and took Lucy when she was 8 days old.  Unfortunately it wasn't what we were expecting and disappointed in the experience.  It wasn't all the photographer, Lucy's skin was peeling and Lucy nor Bella were on their very best behavior during the session.  I really liked some of them, but overall, I wanted more and better photos.  After getting the fall mini-session photos that K did, I knew I wanted to have many more sessions with her.  I contacted her and thankfully she understood and squeezed Lucy in right before Christmas.   I couldn't be more thrilled with what she captured.  She's so relaxed & patient and did great with wiggly Lucy and Bella who, of course, was into everything at her house.  So, at 7 weeks old, here's Lucy's newborn pictures...or maybe I should just call them her baby pictures, either way, here are some of my favorites...

I love how much her big sister loves her!

My favorite!
Jacob's favorite

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