Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Several years ago, Jacob told me that he always happens to look at the clock and he always catches the time 10:58 am/pm.  Lately, 10:58 grabs my attention too.  Strange!  Does this time mean something?  Will it be some significant time in our life one day?  While I was pregnant, we said that  Lucy would probably be born at that time.  She wasn't.  Is this the time that one of us will die?   Yea, kinda morbid, I know, but it has my wheels spinning when I'm in bed at night thinking about the fact that when I glanced at the clock it just happened to be 10:58, then the next day Jacob sends a text at 10:58.  Who knows?

Monday when I weighed in, I only lost 0.5 pounds last week.  It was disappointing, but not too surprising. I did eat out 3 times last week & even though I tried to eat healthier and drink my water, it wasn't enough to lose weight.  On a positive note I started working out!  One evening I was texting my sister, Lindsay, who's doing this with me.  I wrote "I wish I had a personal trainer and a free gym membership."  Ironically, a little bit later, Jacob said "y'all want me to train y'all?"  Jacob does and has been working out regularly for years.  I said "train for what?"  He says "To lose weight."  I said "Sure!!"  The following day, Lindsay came over and Jacob gave us a grueling workout.  Our legs have been so sore that we were walking funny and sat on the toilet with great ease!  So, even though there isn't a drastic number to report this week, I am proud of myself for working out hard this week and will continue trying hard in my diet and work outs.

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