Monday, April 29, 2013

Attempting to get out of my cooking-funk

I've been in a cooking-funk. I've probably cooked an entire meal only a handful of times in the year of 2013.
That is so sad, I know. Here are my excuses.....

  1. Jacob has been on a strict diet, eating the same thing everyday, for every meal throughout the week. He's been preparing his week's worth of food on Sunday evenings.
  2. I usually get the girls home around 5:45-6. They are begging to eat as we walk through the door. I barely have enough patience to listen to the whining & crying for the 2 minutes it takes to microwave frozen chicken nuggets & canned vegetables, much less to prepare an actual meal! Then it's bath time & then attempt to get in a 3 mile run as soon as Jacob gets home. Then put the kids in bed by 8.
  3. I don't feel like preparing a 30 minute-1 hour meal just for me or cleaning the mess that comes with it!
  4. The majority of the time when I cook, it's nasty & ends up in the trash.

However, I know I can't carry on like this forever. I'm going to try some new recipes. I've found some recipes on Pinterest that look good, hopefully without being too difficult. We'll see. Our afternoons are so crammed, it'll be hard to fit in even a 30 minute meal. But then I think, I'm sure everyone else's afternoons are crammed to & they manage to prepare a meal for their families!! My plan is to try at least 1 new recipe a week for a while. I already know how this will turn out...if the new recipes are yummy it'll be enough motivation to get me back in the kitchen a little more. If the next few recipes flop....then I probably won't cook again until mid-summer.

I started back in the kitchen this evening.  I had a little extra time because I worked at the hospital, getting off around 3 instead of my usual 5:00.  So I probably got home with the girls and got started cooking around 4.  The girls were playing and begging for food the entire time I was cooking.  So they ended up getting full off of watermelon & ritz crackers.  I would laugh as they passed the oven and stare inside.  Poor, deprived children...
I made Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole.  It was finished by the time Jacob got home and I immediately left for my 3 mile run, because it is impossible to run on a full tummy...I will vomit in the neighbor's yard!  When I got home Jacob told me that he really liked it!  YEA...SUCCESS!  I bathed the girls and finally sat down to try it & I was yummy!!!
It really made me happy to see the pan empty and that Jacob had put this on his Facebook wall...
You know what that means....I'll be cooking again tomorrow night.  I've already got a new recipe in mind that I'll be trying.

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