Friday, May 3, 2013

Fitness Friday

I'm linking up with Kristin from The Little Princess Diaries for Fitness Friday.

I have been thinking a lot about the past year and how I compare mentally and physically to now and then.  This post was from last April.  I set goals for myself and maintained them, hitting my goal weight.  I currently weigh 12 pounds less than I did last year.  While I am very happy that those 12 pounds are a thing of the past...I'd like to tone up and say good-bye to 10 more.

My endurance is what I am most proud of.  I remember when I couldn't run a mile without stopping.  Then I could finally do a mile, then I remember the day that I made it the whole 3 miles without stopping. I guess looking at the big picture I should be really proud. No, I'm not the fastest, I've never come close to winning a race, but I'm better that I was last year, heck I'm better that I was last month.  For that, I am proud!  I've been running more regularly lately and my time is improving which feels amazing!  Back in February I joined my friends for the Mercedes Relay.  In this post I talked about how I'm the "slow-girl" in our group and how I busted out a personal-record time for me!  I was very proud.  I used to be a 10-11 minute/mile girl.  At the Mercedes Relay, I ran 6 miles at a 9:55min/mile pace.  That was HUGE for me!  I was very proud!  Since that race in February, I took a month break and picked up going even faster!  I've found the motivation and drive that I've needed to improve my speed and endurance.  One evening I ran my was only 1.5 mile, but I was tickled pink to see an 8:53min/mile pace!  My usual evening run in my neighborhood is 3 miles.  I've been hanging out in the 9:**min/mile range, with my fastest being 9:26min/mile, finishing 3.1 mile in 29min 15 sec.  Happy, Happy, Happy!  Now, to keep that pace, I must admit that I am pushing myself the entire way.  It's not like that's easy for me and each time I get back to my driveway, I lay all sprawled out catching my breath, waiting on a buzzard to try to come see if I'm really dead that time.  It is mighty rewarding to see some improvement!  This is what I've been wanting and waiting for since I starting this on/off love like relationship with running.  I've finally found that deep down drive and motivation that is almost like gentle, but firm hands on my back pushing me forward.

I still have bad days, yesterday being one of them.  I didn't run and I ate nothing except carbs and sweets.  Then I regretted it the rest of the day.  Days like yesterday and how I felt, will make me be strict on myself today!

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Kristin F. said...

Great job, Meg. I'm so glad you're linking up :). I wish we could run together before it gets too hot, but my schedule look crazy for the next few months. Are you running Talladega this year?

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