Monday, April 22, 2013

April 2013 Lake Quickie

Mid-April in Alabama is usually warming up nicely.  Last weekend I wore shorts and flip-flops.  I opened all the windows and put away all the girl's winter clothes and put summer clothes in their closets.  We went camping with my parents, sister & family and our good friends that have 2 girls that Bella and Lucy LOVE.  Friday ended up rainy, but that was fine.  We hung out in the camper, then made a run to town for dessert then Mexican (a little backwards, but we were on no schedule--just doing what we pleased).  Then we went to the grocery store, then made an attempt to look at a beautiful house...for decorating ideas, but no one was home, so we settled for peeking in the windows and front door.  Saturday was a pretty day, much cooler that we wanted...but the sun was shining for us.  We played Rummy outside on the picnic table.  Bella learned to ride Alaina's bike during this trip.  So when we got home we got Bella a bike of her own.  We ate Blue Bell ice cream to celebrate Bella learning to ride a bike...yea right!  I'll find any excuse to eat ice cream from The Creem at the Creek while we are at the lake.  Saturday night, daddy grilled lots of meat and Jennifer and I make {very hot} jalapeño poppers.  We sat around the camp fire until late.  Sunday, we hung out that morning, went on a quick and cool boat ride.  Then packed up and came home.  I'm ready to go back...and stay a while. 

Layla pulling Lucy in the baby wagon.  She's such a "mama" helping with the little ones.  Bella & Rylee in a deep bike discussion.
Alaina is showing them how it's done!
Aunt KK came for a little bit and took all 5 to the park.  I saw this sweet moment with all of them holding hands...ran to our camper...and captured this sweet photo.
Bella and Alaina made this rainy day Princess Fort while we were stuck in the camper Friday morning.  

Lucy was sleeping at the camper.  Alaina is freezing under the blanket in her mama's lap.

Lucy feeding me cantaloupe for breakfast.

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