Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's not always as it seems.

Just being honest...

People have told me that I always look so happy and I'm the most patient mama.  Well y'all, I am happy and I have a little patience.  But I get sad & upset at things, I've been through some crappy times that broke my heart, I cry, my husband & I get in big fights, I feel really fat some days, I get VERY easily frustrated.  My patience wears thin, then I'm snappy and a pain to be around.  I roll my eyes and cock an attitude.  I promise, I'm just like everyone else. I'm FAR from perfect.  Just because I don't share every argument, snappy text or a picture of me spanking my kid...doesn't mean that it doesn't happen...because THEY DO!

Prime Example~
I have a cold and have been taking cold/sinus meds all day that have me a little zoombied and tired.
Tonight I know I won't win the Mother-of-the-Year Award:
Dinner?  Arby's drive thru
Bath time?  Nah, they aren't that dirty.
Bedtime?  7:15pm.  Update:  I just thought Bella would go to bed at 7:15.  She's now watching cartoons in my bed...I think I'll drug up and go join her.  I'll probably be asleep before she will be!

My plans?  Shower, more cold meds, then curling up in the bed & go to sleep early!

Just because everyone likes pictures...
I love this picture of my beautiful babies!  Lucy-17 months.  Bella 3 years old.
Move over Jasmine, Bella's on a Magic Carpet Ride! 
My little monkeys jumping on our bed 
My husband surprised me with these new shoes.  Now, I need to get back running!

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Lindsey said...

You're human. We all have those days. I appreciate such an honest post.

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