Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bella's 1st bicycle!

Last weekend, Bella (3 years old) learned to ride her friend, Alaina's bike at the lake. She took to it pretty quick.  She still has to "tip-toe" to get started, but once she gets started, she pedals great.  Jacob was really excited & proud that she had learned.  He was excited about buying her her very 1st bike.  

Last Sunday, we left the lake around 2:30, which is later that usual and meant that we had to do an entire weekend's chores to get ready for the next week in a few hours.  I worked quickly to unload the camper, and start the 6 loads of laundry that I wanted to finish that night, I also wanted to fit in a 3-mile run.  I had just finished folding a load of clothes, was about to go for my 30 minute run, come back just in time to fold the next load...when Jacob said, "come on, let's go get Bella her 1st bike".  I told him, "go ahead, I'll be back from my run by the time y'all get back".  Then I got a are-you-crazy-look as he said, "You aren't going with us to get her 1st bike?!?!"  I was like, "Of course, I'm going...let's load up."  I'm so glad that I did.  It was a precious sight to see her pick out which bike she liked and watch the joy on her face as she rode it up and down the isle.  
Pure joy on this angel's face
When we got home she rode & rode her bike 
Lucy tried climbing on her bike, we quickly reminded her that she had several ride toys her size.
Sweet Daddy & Lucy lovin'

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