Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Beach Vacation (part 2)

Continuing from part 1:
Thursday, October 11, 2012~As others were walking their dogs during a morning stroll, I pulled the girls in the wagon..."walking" my children it felt as I passed all the furry-four-legged pups.  We loaded up & headed to the beach. Bella had fun splashing on the ocean & playing on the sand. Lucy DID NOT like the sand, but sitting on the mat, eating snacks, watching the birds made her happy! We did get to see (what we declared) Jake and the Neverland Pirates! Bella was on her toy phone, just talking away. Just as Jacob and I were relaxing and truly enjoying the ocean breeze & a relaxing time, sleepiness set in. Lucy feel asleep on my chest within minutes and Bella crawled in Papa's lap saying that she was tired. Dang it!!! We loaded all of our crap and (after less than 2 hours of being on the beach) lugged it all back to the truck. We immediately put them to bed. They ended up giggling, squealing & playing in their shared room for over an hour. It was sweet to listen to them until I realized that I could still be in my beach chair with the ocean breeze blowing through my hair. Grrrrr. After fussing at them 3 times, they went to sleep. Jacob watched the Avengers. I laid out in front of the camper, enjoying a little "me-time" even if I wasn't in the sand, I enjoyed it. After their 3 hour nap, we got ready and ate dinner at the Original Oyster House (our Gulf Shores favorite). Lucy went back to the campers with Nana & Papa while Jacob and I took Bella out on the town. We thought she would enjoy playing putt-putt golf more than she did. She really wasn't that interested. Next we enjoyed some ice cream on Scoop's porch!  I thoroughly enjoyed that!! Went back to the campground, roasted a few marshmallows and called it a day.........a wonderful day!
Lucy was rocking some awesome crazy-morning hair!

Our ONE and ONLY family picture of all of us on vacation!
Oh, it ain't over yet!  The fun part is up next...

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brittany nelson said...

few things..
-bella looks more grown up in these pics, shes so beautiful!
-i dont know why but i just noticed that lucy looks like bella in the face below the eyes
-That fam photo of you four is perfect!
-i like Jacobs beard
-please send me details of what kind of camera you have...i have to have a good one before i have more kids! haha
- and you of course look as beautiful as always--didnt mean to leave you out!

Brynn said...

Love it!! Love the pictures, love your beautiful girls, love you and I even love Jacob! Miss you guys so much! Can't wait to see more!!

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