Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Beach Vacation 2012 (part 1)

I would love to share all of my vacation with y'all, but it's getting late, so I'll share in parts...

Unfortunately, we didn't take any family beach sunset pictures like we did last year. I guess it boiled down to poor planning. We did take some pictures at sunset, but it was in our "travel clothes"...not exactly what I had in mind. But precious, still. I really enjoyed staying at Gulf State Park. It was our 1st time in that campground, but going in, we had heard great things about it. And sure enough, it's now a beach campground favorite! It was only $179 for 5 nights! Only about a mile to the beach. It has an awesome pool and splash pad! And just a few miles to all the restaurants and stores in Gulf Shores. However, I did get eat up with mosquitos, there were 2 snake sightings & we were told to "watch for alligators", but i guess since we were "camping"...some of that is kinda expected anyway. But overall we had a great time!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012~
We left out at sunrise Wednesday morning heading towards the gulf. Checked the forecast & got excited about the predicted perfect upcoming weather. The 5 hour drive was smooth. There (thank God) was no crying. Lucy's 1st long trip couldn't have been any better. She was almost silent the whole way. After 2 stops for potty breaks & fuel, Taco Bell lunch in the truck & a quick shopping trip at Camping World, we arrived at the Gulf State Park & set up. After settled in, we checked out the pool & splash pad. I got so mad at Jacob because he should've put my memory card back in my camera! Here I am with a precious moment & a good camera with no memory card. Ugh. Phone pictures would have to work.  Anyway...Bella had a blast. Lucy thought the water was a little to cool. She got close, but not in the water. (I put the SD card in the camera as soon as we got back to the camper!) They were super tired, so we headed in for a late nap. We changed their clothes & laid them down...1 hour later they were still giggling & playing. When I opened the door, Bella was in the pack-n-play with Lucy! So we gave up on nap time & ate grilled burgers. After dinner, the 4 of us headed out to the beach. It was sunset. Oh it was beautiful!! I'm so happy on the beach at sunset. Bella played, chased birds, got her clothes soaked, peed on the beach (she couldn't hold it). Lucy felt that sugary white sand for the 1st time ever, but stayed on my hip the whole time. She's such an angel. I stripped Bella down butt-naked on the way back. Good thing it was dark by this time. They were bathed & put to bed by 7:00! The adults headed out by the camp fire for a couple of hours. I was watching for alligators since we were right by the marsh, when a frog scared me pretty good! Then showered & laid in the bed watching Duck Dynasty. Great 1st day!!!
"Nap time"
See Bella's naked booty...SO cute!  
Check back tomorrow for another picture-flooded vacation post!

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Brynn said...

Love the pictures!!! Can't wait to see more! The girls are precious!

Melody Ellis said...

Reading and even more jealous of your beach trip! Lovely day.

Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

Love the pics and her on the phone is presh. I can't wait to see more.

♥ Erica said...

Cute pictures! Looks like y'all had a fun time! :)

Donna said...

You know what? It doesn’t matter at all if you posted your updates late! Memories never fade when they’re captured in pictures forever, right? I love your pictures and point-of-view shots! They look so heartwarming! :) I’m sure your heart will get touched everytime you see those! :)

Donna Parsley

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