Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bella's 1st Art Lesson

My Mamaw is an artist.  Before my Papaw went to heaven was her framer.  She would paint.  He would frame her work.  They had a "shop" set up in their basement, travel going from art show to art show.  I remember as a child, we would ALWAYS paint with Mamaw.  She would give us sturdy mat board scraps, set up some paint and a mason jar of water to rinse our brushes and we would go to town.  My Uncle Chris is the only one that got the artistic talent.  Unfortunately, I did not.  
One of mine and my sisters masterpieces that got framed and has been hanging in Mamaw's basement since 1989.

Bella and I went to Mamaw's so I could cut out some paper for Lucy's party.  When I got there Mamaw had set up her desk for Bella's 1st Art Session.  Yes, it was just some children books and crayons and some of that famous scrap mat board.  But Mamaw knew what she was doing.  They talked about colors the whole time and colored.  It was a precious sight.   She told Bella that next time they could paint together.  I can't wait for Bella to experience the same fun stuff with Mamaw that I did.  And to be able to sit back and watch the next generation sit at Mamaw's art desk and paint with her almost brings tears to my eyes.  It makes my heart happy! 

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Darby said...

That last picture is priceless!

Meredith @ eatdrinkrunandbemommy said...

Those are awesome memories!

Kate said...

I think it's so cool that your Mawmaw gave you art lessons and can now give your daughter lessons! Those pictures are too cute!

♥ Erica said...

These pictures are so sweet. She will appreciate them one day! :)

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