Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shrimp Festival 2011

We had a wonderful time at the Shrimp Festival this year!  We went in our camper.  My parents, baby sister & her best friend was in their camper, Jacob's mom & step-dad were in their camper and my parent's best friends, were in their camper.  The 4 campers were in a square.  I love camping with a crowd!  I should make a quick note that when I say "camping", I do not mean "roughing it" in any way.  The biggest sacrifice is that we don't have a washer or dryer or a full size refrigerator.  However, we do have 2 air conditioners, a queen size bed, shower with hot water, toilet, TV, internet and Bella has her own room.  I know some people think that what we do isn't really camping.  I just look at it as a different form of camping!

Jacob, Bella & I left Wednesday morning.  I was a ball of nerves because last year we had a camper tire blow out 10 miles into the trip and Bella has vomited twice now in her car seat during long trips.  After many prayers, we arrived midday with no mishaps.  We set up and settled in.  We ate at our FAVORITE restaurant in Gulf Shores...
The Blackened Shrimp & Grits were DELICIOUS! 

Thursday, we spent most of the day at the Shrimp Festival.  I got to see my Uncle Chris & Aunt Linda.  
Bella playing in the bubbles

Nap time!
We ate dinner at Lulu's and then played putt-putt golf.

Wow, I look very pregnant here!!

Friday, we shopped at the outlet mall and ate lunch at Lambert's Cafe.  At sunset, we took pictures on the beach.  They are beautiful.  Be sure to check back later for those!  We ate dinner at The Hangout & went back to the festival for the Colt Ford concert (for all my country friends).

Saturday, I went back to the outlets for a little more shopping, then we hung out at the camp site & tailgated all afternoon. We love watching Alabama WIN!  My family cooked some yummy seafood that we ate on ALL day.

Sunday, we slept late, packed up and came home.  Thankfully, the ride home was just as uneventful as the ride to the beach.  We had so much fun!

It was on my mind often that this would be our last vacation as a family of 3.  Ironic, since last year's Shrimp Festival was our 1st vacation as a family of 3.  I am, indeed, aware that these probably the greatest years of my life.  I am trying to savor each sweet moment, as they fly by.

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Had a great time as always! Love you

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