Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bon Voyage, Best Friend

My very best friend, Brynn is leaving me.  She's moving up and out!  Her sweet husband, Josh got a job promotion that is taking them to Tulsa, OK.  While I am happy for her, it took me a while to get to this point.  Initially, I was devastated that my best friend would be almost 700 miles away.  She had a job that allowed us to eat lunch together often.  We talk several times a week (we've vowed that that won't change).  Yes, I even had a few private "pity parties".  However now, I am very happy for them & this new adventure that they are embarking on.  She has several great job interviews lined up.  They have an adorable apartment close to downtown.  We've always lived in rural Alabama, so this will be very different for them to be so close to downtown, all the shops and action.  However, I bet they won't have "buggies", say "y'all" or have mild fall/winter/springs like us southerners.  But that's all a part of her learn life as a city slicker, enjoy the snowy winters and meet new people.
Brynn & Josh - Halloween 2008

Us creating a masterpiece at Sips-N-Strokes

I believe that this is the path that God wants for them.  I have always thought that if things fell into place easily then, that's what's supposed happen for you.  However, I am not saying that people should always go for the easier road or that you shouldn't work very hard for what you want in life.  But when you're at a crossroad in life.  If you constantly have major obstacles in the way then maybe those are hints that what your doing isn't right.  For Brynn and Josh, so much of this move has fell into place.  I know there will be challenges as they adjust, but I believe that this is where they are meant to be at this point in their life.
Brynn helping with one of my many parties

Brynn meets Bella

I will miss seeing her, but I cannot wait to hear of all of her stories of their Tulsa life.  I'm excited to board that plane to go there (I have never been to Oklahoma), once my life settles down a little.

I love you, Brynn!  Live it up!  

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Maribeth Butts said...

Hey friend! The new blog is so cute (I love the name... great song)!! Michelle told me that you started one so I had to check it out. Great pics and great posts! What kind of camera do you use?? The pics are so crisp and bright. Hope your day's been great!


Megan said...

Thanks Maribeth! I have a Nikon D40 & love it!

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