Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meet the Family

My family means the world to me.  I know I'll be talking about them a lot.  Here's a face to put with the name:

My wonderful family
Daddy, Mama, me, Lindsay, Caitlin
(known by the babies as Pops, Mimi, Aunt Lulu & Aunt KK)

 Me & Mama

My sisters, that I adore!

My love, Jacob

Our daughter, the Beautiful Bella

Jacob & Bella

Lindsay, my sister & Nick, my brother-in-law and my precious niece Rylee

Lindsay holding Rylee (my sister & niece), Mama holding Bella, Debra (my mother-in-law, aka Nana), Cassi (sister-in-law), Bobo (Jacob's brother, Cassi's husband), Jacob (my hubby), Daddy, me, Louis (father-in-law, aka Papa)
Doing what we LOVE...camping together!

My "extended" family, that we are close to.

Jacob's "extended" family, that we are close to.

Last, but not least, my best friend, Brynn.  

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