Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Festival

I love fall time.  I love college football, cooler weather, opening the windows, bon fires, beautiful trees, halloween costumes, and delicious Thanksgiving dinners.  The air is crisper and the colors are brighter & clearer.

Our 1st fall-fun for this year was a Fall Festival.  I worked this day, but thankfully got off early.  I went home, changed clothes, got my cutie-patootie & met Lindsay & Rylee for some fun!  Of course these 2 are still just a little to young for all the fun, but they had fun playing in the balls & in the (little kids) bouncy house.

Bella loved going down the bouncy slide head-first.

We finished up the festival with some yummy cotton candy!

I'm so excited of what this fall will bring.  This season is always too short.  So, like the cotton candy we enjoyed, I'll try to savor it as long as it'll last.

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