Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm a follower

I started reading a blog or two, then that led to following a few more, then a few more.  They are who perked my interest in creating Amazing Love.  Here are a list of my favorites that I find very interesting:

Kristin and her pretty Princesses who designed my blog for me!   (my very favorite to stalk)

Kristin's sister Kamin, who is a great photographer!  She blew us away with my Lindsay and Nick's wedding photos.

My sister Caitlin.  She's just getting started with her blog too.

Amanda Pair, another photographer that impresses me with her work.  She's got a cute little girl too.  She comes to our hospital for delivery/newborn photos that turn out so good!

Natalie Norton, a great photographer.  Her story of baby Gavin gave me a new perspective on life.  I squeezed my Bella tight after each post of hers that I read when she talked of her baby Gavin.  Bella and Gavin were born within weeks of each other.  She's a complete stranger, but an inspiration, none the less.

CandiLou, a friend from high school.  Her stories of her 2 boys are unpredictable and entertaining!

Becca, one of my sister's childhood friends that has a husband who is fighting for our country and one of the cutest one year olds that I know.

Mary who was just blessed with a HEALTHY baby boy.  A few years ago, she delivered Ian at our hospital.  He was a sweetheart that went to be with the Lord a week before his 2nd birthday.  Her journey is touching.

Ani and a beautiful Ruby Jane.  BE AN ORGAN DONOR.

Stevi, a good childhood friend.  Her style, I don't always get.  I am a bit of a plain jane, though.

Elizabeth and Seth tell the story of their twins.  I had the pleasure of taking care of Elizabeth for the several weeks that she was in the hospital.

Some of my friends and family questioned how to follow a blog.  The best way I know is to create a blogger or google account and when on Amazing Love in the top left corner click "follow".  I also am linking my posts, so they show up on my Facebook page.  Or you could do what I did for a couple of years, add Amazing Love under your "favorite list".   Thanks for visiting!

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bourgeois z said...

OMG I just found your blog...and now everyone else's!
This may be inspiration for me...we will see.
Hey I haven't forgotten about that quote...it will happen!!

Megan said...

Thanks Em! I'm glad you found me.

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