Friday, October 28, 2011

326 Diapers and 1,136 wipes...We are blessed!

Today, was my LAST OB visit!  I am dilated 2.5cm/50% effaced!  I was happy to hear that these contractions are doing something!  After my OB appointment, my wonderful co-workers friends that I work with threw me and another one of my good friends a diaper shower!  It was decorated so adorably and the food was great (as usual).  We really know how to party!

Fun little owls that my crafty friend made

Stacey and I have our babies around the same time.  Her 1st son is 4 months older than Bella, and she is due with boy #2 one month after Lucy.  We always joke that hopefully our kids will marry each other.  It has been fun to go through our pregnancies together!  We would play on the ultrasound machine looking at our little jumping beans, complain about ALL the discomforts of pregnancy, and eat chips & ice cream together.  Pretty soon, we'll be eating salads and talking about how much weight we are losing (hopefully)!

We are so blessed to work with such a wonderful, thoughtful group of women to give us so many great gifts!

Bella's little seat, ha
My friends are so talented and creative!  Just look at what all was MADE just for us...
This yummy striped cake was made by another sweet co-worker!

Thank you to all of the thoughtful hostesses!

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