Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bella's very 1st dentist visit

At 3, Bella went to her 1st dentist visit and did great!  She was very excited about going.  We changed dentist offices for 2 reasons, because Emily, my cousin, is a hygienist at the new office and because it's also closer to our house.  We made an good decision!  Dr Salmon and his staff was very nice!  Bella did a great job, not scared a bit!  She even giggled her way through the cleaning.  Emily, who Bella calls "Memo", was fun and made the cleaning so easy! She was even able to get X-rays. For it not to be a pediatric dentist office, it was close enough for me!  We had a wonderful experience...except the part when they told me that I had cavities.  Ugh!  Yes Em, I'll start flossing regularly.  

FYI...nurses HATE getting dental work done.  Don't know why, we are brave about anything medical, but you ask us to open our mouths and we get all anxious about it.  I dread these upcoming fillings.

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