Sunday, May 5, 2013


This post is about nothing more than cute random moments.
I'm not sure why they chose to go uphill in the grass with their baby stroller.  We have a nice, flat, smooth mini-concrete pond in front of our 3-car garage.
3 year old Bella
17 month old Lucy
Bella and Daddy on the tractor, spreading fertilizer.  Hoping for a big, thick, green front & back yard this year

When I found this hole in Bella's panties, I asked her what happened, she tried to explain that she had a string (elastic) hanging and she tried to cut it off...the elastic was still dangling.  She just barely missed it.
Lucy was standing behind the easel.  I thought she was drawing on it....but she chose to turn around and color on the wall.  She was too darn cute to fuss at, plus chalk made for an easy clean up.
I love smiles and cheerful moods in the mornings!
We surprised mama & daddy at the lake for a little visit.  Lucy was the cute captain and Pops was fishing with Bella.
I noticed Lucy's curls and took a picture and saw this beautiful face.  Thank you, God for these precious children.
Our Saturday morning.

The many faces of Lucy Lee.

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