Monday, May 6, 2013

Mama actually cooked 3 nights last week! WHAT?!?

Y'all remember me saying how I'm attempting to prepare actual meals for my family instead of microwaving processed food for them EVERY SINGLE NIGHT?  I wanted to give a little update.
(Click on the highlighted words for links to recipes).  
  • Last Monday- I did the Poppy Seed Chicken Cassarole.  It was a big hit and Jacob and I really enjoyed it.  The girls ended up snacking so much before it was ready, they weren't hungry when it was time to eat.  Brynn did remind me that she gave me that recipe a long time ago.  It's one of their favorites.  I'd call that an extremely successful night!
  • Last Tuesday - I tried Chicken Spaghetti.  Here is the recipe that I used.  Several of my friends like this, but we tried it and didn't like it.  FAIL.
  • Last Wednesday - I did Zesty BBQ chicken sliders.  I liked this one because it was a quick crock-pot recipe.  Jacob liked it, but instead of 6 chicken breast, he wished I would've cooked about 6 pounds of chicken. SUCCESS!
  • Last Thursday - a friend was messaging me about how she was having the same issues being in a  cooking-funk also.  She guiltily told me how she never cooks and was feeding her toddler cheese toast and green beans (again).  Which was exactly what I'm used to preparing.  There's no shame in that!!!  I fessed up and sent her a picture of our dinner...
  • Last Friday - Taco Bell.  

The fact that I actually cooked 3 nights is a pretty big accomplishment for me, even though 1 night was a FAIL.  This post that I read is focusing on meal planning.  Which, I'm learning is important, just so you'll have the ingredients in the pantry when you need them!  So I made a plan for this week, bought the ingredients and am hoping for the best.  I think 3 meals were manageable, so here are the 3 that I plan to do this week...
Click for links to the recipes:

Check back next week and I'll tell you how I did or if Jacob contacted The Food Network to sign me up to be on America's Worst Cooks.

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