Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mama's Day

I've had an awesome Mother's Day!  I got just what I wanted.  A couple weeks ago, I sent Jacob a text telling him exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day, it was nothing materialistic.  Just a day that I knew I would enjoy.  My wishes came true.

I enjoyed breakfast in bed.  Notice below the breakfast-in-bed prep work meant Bella and Jacob making a run to the Huddle House.  None the less, I got just what I asked for.  Bella brought the breakfast in along with the biggest smile. Jacob opened the blinds and windows to let the sunlight flood the room and the breeze blow in.  Us girls played on the bed for about a couple hours.  No TV, just lovin, giggles and jumping on the bed.  It was a wonderful start to the day.
We went to church together, it was a great service.  I really enjoyed it.  Then we spent a couple hours at with Jacob's side of the family.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch.
When my sisters and I asked our mama what she wanted for Mother's Day, she wanted us all to go get pedicures together then eat at the Mexican restaurant.  So, Mama, Lindsay, Rylee, Caitlin, Bella and I got pedicures!  It was Bella's 1st time to the nail place and as wiggly as she was, she enjoyed it.  She picked out a pretty pink with sparkles.  We sat next to one another and got the same color on our nails.
Me with my precious & sassy niece, Rylee
I loved all 10 of us sitting around that table during dinner being loud and having fun, as usual. I am so very blessed.  I'm kinda sad that I didn't get 1 picture with my mama today.  That's ok, I told her that I love her several times and enjoyed spending part of our day together.  

When we got home, I watched as the girls colored and played.  I rocked Lucy, kissed her, and laid her in her crib.  I read a story to Bella, prayed with her, gave her kisses and hugs and made sure her ladybug light was on.  Several times throughout the day, I thanked God for my girls, for my mama. I'm a blessed woman to have this life.  

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