Wednesday, December 21, 2011

***Our highlight reel***

For the past few weeks I've been learning how to put our videos from our camera & phones onto DVDs.  We recently got a new computer so it's taken me a while.  But I'm finally caught up.  Today I learned a new trick that I'm so excited about!  Watch these without critiquing.  I am in no way an expert at this.  I'm just doing these "highlight reels" for me & my family to remember the good times, not to win an award.  But I'm loving this so much, you'll probably be seeing a lot more.  I've got several ideas now that I've started...
September 2009-September 2010

October 2010-February 2011

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Brittany said...

Love love it!! I've been hoping for a new video camera! This made me want one now! I laughed during the mirror waves! Precious!

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