Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho!

A few weeks ago we went to see Santa.  Here's last years picture with Santa, it's actually very similar to this years picture:

Christmas 2011:
 In every experience that Bella has had with Santa, she'll go up there with him...but you're not getting a smile out of her, no matter how silly you act!
Lucy at 2 weeks old with Santa!
Rylee on the other hand, loved Santa & went right to him!

We had fun strolling:
And climbing: 
And playing in the "snow": 

We gave kisses:

We colored ornaments: 

We watched the train:

But if you were to ask these two what there very favorite thing was...I'm pretty sure they would agree that driving the buggie would be the favorite of the day!

I did a lot of snuggling on this cute little newborn:

My very favorite picture of our Santa adventure:

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