Monday, November 3, 2014

To my lovely Lucy on your 3rd birthday

Dear Lucy, 
I just put you to bed for the last time as a 2-year-old.  Tomorrow when we wake up, you will be 3.  Since you slept for 3 hours this afternoon you didn't fall asleep while I was rocking you. Those crazy long naps are why we also call you Sleeping Beauty. Upon your request, like many nights when I rock you, you wanted me to play Baby Mine (the Alison Krauss version) on my phone and we both whisper-sang each word to one another. I love these moments the best.  After about 3rd time with it on repeat you got down and crawled under the quilt that your (great-grandmother) Ma-maw Crowe made you and gave to your on your 1st birthday.  You snuggle with "Tigy" which is only an infant, crinkle toy tiger that we have had since Bella was a newborn. But you have named it Tigy and are quite attached to it right now.  I ask you for the 2nd time if you're sure you don't want to take off the fancy black and white dress that you have on over your jammies.  You grin, tilt your head, nod and tell me "no mama, I alright".  I know you feel like a princess wearing it, so I cover you up, kiss you at least 20+ times, say a simple prayer while you wiggle and squirm around.  I stand at the door, blowing kisses with you and signing I love you for a while before I finally walk out your door to come type these details so they will forever be a reminder of how lovely my Lucy is at the young age of 2 years and 364 days old. We planned your party this year on your Grand-daddy Dee's birthday, November 9.

This year you have meet Jace & Brody, your 2 new cousins that you seem to love as much as you do Rylee.  Actually last night you, Bella and Rylee had a slumber party at Mimi & Pop's house.  Complete with pizza, movie and blow up mattress.  Your daddy and I enjoyed dinner and a movie, but as always, when you girls aren't home it just doesn't feel right.  We much prefer us all to be together.  You are doing good at Mrs Betty's.  You always come home telling us about your "best friends".  I wonder how you will do next year when Bella goes to big school?  I have a feeling that you will miss her quite a bit.  You two do absolutely everything together.  

You are a silly little girl!  You are always making me and your daddy laugh. I must say that you have THE BEST crazy-hair days! It cracks me up at how it will stand straight up most mornings. Your words and sentences are starting to make more sense.  We often ask Bella what it is that you are trying to say.  She can always interpret with no problems.  

I looked back at those pictures from the day you were born and I am grateful for those wonderful, precious moments and the past 3 years. You are such a blessing to our family and your daddy and I love you so completely.  My heart is filled with love and joy because of you and our family. 

Happy birthday to you.  
I will love you forever.

The unexpected snowpocalypse.  
Halloween.  Mermaid and a fairy princess
snuggling with your sister watching Frozen after it released.
I love your lovin'
Best Bed-Head award...goes to LUCY!
A Royal tea party for the princesses!
You were so proud walking into Mrs Betty's with your 1st backpack!

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