Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lucy's 3rd Birthday Party

Today on November 9, 2014, we celebrated Lucy's 3rd birthday on her Granddaddy Dee's actual birthday.  We know that he was with us in spirit as he celebrated from heaven.

Lucy requested a mermaid birthday party this a mermaid party it was!
It was a gorgeous fall day.  Unfortunately some of our friends and family did not make it; we understand that it is a busy time of the year.  Lucy had a blast and that's what matters most.

Mimi and Aunt Lulu

My mama and sisters always play such a huge role in making sure my little girls have a spectacular celebration.
Their birthdays are just as much of a holiday as any other.  We want them to feel super special on their big day!

Our menu was crab-wiches, ocean waves, sea snails, seaweed dip, shark bait, crab legs and octopus legs.

my gorgeous sisters

My beautiful mama and sisters.  They are the best.  They keep me sane....and make me a little crazy.
It's a beautifully balanced love.

After trying my best to get her to smile....I get this HUGE, cheesy grin!

I adore my "little family" as Bella calls us.

Oh, she is just such a blessing to our family

 So we played a little game where they sit on the balloon to pop it...
It ended up being quite funny as these little girls bounced on it, pinched it, poked it...

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