Monday, November 17, 2014

dreaming upon a star....

On Christmas Day last year, I started planning a Disney vacation for our 2 little girls.  I've dreaming about it close to a year now and we are just a couple months away now!  I couldn't be more excited.

I think they will be the perfect ages...3 & 5 years old.  {although I now know that younger than 3 is free :/  If I would've know that I probably would've planned it just a couple weeks before her 3rd birthday.

They are into all things princess and sparkly and magical.  My heart literally does a happy dance when I think of the memories we will make. Jacob and I shared our honeymoon there 8 years ago.  We both had a wonderful time.  That was an adult Disney trip.  This one we will be focusing on our girls and doing things as a family.  I have been planning and researching on how to make this a trip that we all will enjoy.  I'll share some of my planning strategies so far and would welcome any tips that you all might have!

We debated on whether to stay inside the park or out. At 1st I made condo reservations at this affordable and spacious condo only 2 miles from the parks. {same owners to this 3 bedroom condo} I had an easy and pleasant time with the owners booking our condo.  After thinking long and hard about to do the dining plan, we chose to stay on the Disney grounds and also do the dining package.  Jacob and I did the dining plan on our honeymoon- it was SO convenient to get expensive meals and just swipe our "magic keys" without thinking twice about the price of our entrees or desserts!  I knew this trip that I would want the girls to do the character dining and experience all their is to offer.  When we go to restaurants now-I am such a penny pincher-making them drink water and usually sharing a kids meal or just eating off of mine or Jacob's plate.  After wasted meals, I know better.

Our love of camping had us researching Fort Wilderness, which is Disney's campground and it looks fantastic and right up our alley!  So we booked a 7 night stay!

I have make all of our "table service" meal reservations.

I am wasting time to make it until 12:01am to book our Fast-pass reservations!

I cannot wait to see what fun these late night plans will turn into.................

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