Sunday, November 3, 2013

To my Lovely Lucy on your 2nd Birthday~

just a few hours old.
To my lovely Lucy,
It has been 2 years since that “Love at 1st sight” moment.

You are walking and talking and copying everything your big sister does.  I am trying so hard to stop time, but you grow more & more each passing day.  You make me laugh at how silly you are sometimes.  You are a little sassy when you want to be too.  Bella loves you so much.  She constantly wants to hug and kiss you.  You don’t always like her in your space, but you love following her and trying to copy her words. I want you two girls to value how precious sisterhood is & how lucky you girls are to have one another.  I feel that giving you each other is and will always be my greatest gift to each of you. You enjoy playing with all of your friends at Mrs. Betty’s while Mommy and Daddy are at work.  I usually rock you before bed each night.  We both love this time together.  You love to sleep.  You are usually in bed by 8pm.  On the weekends you usually sleep until 9am or so.  You never cry for us to come get you out of bed.  We just check on you and your sitting in your crib playing.  For the most part you are very content and don’t mind playing alone, but prefer being your big sisters side-kick. 

You are so beautiful.  Every time you say goodbye you automatically pucker those lips up.  You have the sweetest sugar.  I love your kisses. 

Today, we celebrate you and our wonderful life with you.  I consider each day that God allows us to be together, a blessing.  I love to see you smile and to hear your voice.  I love when you hug me tight and want to hold my hand.  Please know that I will always love you oh so much.  I praise our good Lord above for allowing me to be your mommy. 

Happy 2nd Birthday, my angel.
I love you.
11/3/11~Lucy's BIRTHday.  

Lucy finally walks at 16 months old!

Right behind her "sissy"
Silly girl opted to sit in the tiny bucket rather than the pool.
Lucy's personal door.

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