Sunday, October 19, 2014

October is my favorite.

I really think that October might be my favorite month out of the entire year!  
Octobers = Joy.  

I have been putting in some extra hours at work, which by default means less hours at home.  So this weekend we enjoyed a long weekend at the lake and it was so wonderful.  I needed the rest, the family time, the cooler weather, the beautiful sunsets.  It was also our maiden voyage in our new camper, which I couldn't love any more!  At the campground we were at they had a fall festival and trick-or-treating.  Some campers went ALL OUT!  As far as my girls and what I prefer their little minds to think, I wasn't fond of the spooky part...but we tried to explain that it's all for fun, make-believe, NOT real.  Otherwise they would be up with nightmares...NO THANK YOU!

When we asked Bella and Lucy what they wanted to be for Halloween this year...Lucy chose to be a mermaid and Bella chose to be a fairy princess.  I think it's more fun to make their costumes/put it all together. Plus I am a fan of little, to no money spent on their costume.  So for Bella, we got a wand, wings, crown and flowy skirt.  For Lucy, I snagged this red top at a friend's yard sale, I made her little skirt with some material from Hobby Lobby, sparkly elastic band and Aunt Lulu donated the mermaid colored tulle for the fins.  Rylee was also a mermaid that her mommy put together for her too.  {However as the night went on she ditched the tail & wing and opted for comfort as she rode her bike and trick-or-treated}
Here are some of our fun times...
Rylee~4 years old
Bella~4 years old
Lucy~2 years old

We got home mid-day on Sunday from our long lake weekend.  With only 12 days left in October and zero days with nothing to do...we decided that it would be a great day to visit the pumpkin patch...and IT WAS!  I say it every year, but this might be my favorite fall activity.  Old Bakers Farm is so much fun.  I love everything about it...corn maze, hay mountain, cotton-throwing, wagon riding and pumpkin picking!  
 This next series was too good not to share, Bella and Lucy finally made it to the top of Hay Mountain and slid down.  Thankfully their daddy was there to catch them...
I love looking at these Pumpkin Patch from years pasts.....

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