Friday, March 29, 2013

Yes, I made a HUGE deal about it...

I found this post that I typed on 10/19/11, during my 1st month of blogging.  I have no idea why I never published it.  

Last April, when Bella was 14 months old, Jacob did something that I made a huge deal about.  But he didn't understand what the fuss was about.  JACOB CUT BELLA'S HAIR WHILE I WAS AT WORK!  It wasn't that he just cut it, he cut her bangs...very short, they were in the middle of her forehead!  When I asked him why he cut her hair, he replied that "her hair is always in her eyes, and she always pulls her bow out."  So his plan of action was to just cut the hair out of her eyes!!!  
To make matters worse, we had planned on telling our family on Easter that we were expecting our 2nd baby blessing!  That was exactly 7 days after the dreaded bangs cutting!  I knew there was no way to get her hair back the way it was by then.  But we made it work...
Now all is well in the hair department.  Bella hasn't had another cutting since.  It is long and beautiful.  Thankfully, she has learned to leave her hair bows & pony tails alone, so daddy doesn't get the urge to reach for the scissors!

I'll remind you of the recent 1st "Real" Hair Cut.  We had a wonderful girls day out and made it a special event!

Then there was last Thursday...  it was a busy day, I had an unexpected day off of work and made an impromptu get together with a few of my sweet St. Vincents friends for lunch and did a little shopping.  {Which is a rare type day for me, but I had SO MUCH FUN}.  I scored a few new, spring/summer outfits and was super excited!  That afternoon, I picked the girls up, fixed dinner, did baths.  To be honest, I wasn't feeling 100% by that evening.  I had over-did it for the day.  I put the girls to sleep around 8:30.  I tried on my cute new outfits~texting the pics to Brynn (my bestie currently living in Oklahoma).  Just having a good 'ol time.  Then around 9:30, I decide it was time to shower & get in the bed.  That's when I noticed this in Jacob's side of the sink...
 I immediately knew it was Bella's beautiful, blonde hair.  Then I remembered earlier when I was putting the laundry away, going through the bathroom into the closet that Bella was playing with some of my old velcro rollers & her detangler spray, talking to herself in the mirror.  She did come to me later and ask me if I liked her hair.  I glanced and said "Oh yes, it looks beautiful!" as I thought to myself that I hope it isn't all greasy tomorrow after all the detangler spray she had put in.  I did even notice that she had cut it!

So at this point it's like 9:45pm, she's sleeping, I'm wondering do I wake her up or not?  I'm like 'Nah, there's nothing I can do about it now, just let her sleep & check it out in the morning.'  Yea...5 minutes later, I was in her room checking it out.  In the dark, it didn't look that bad.  We had us a nice little talk and I explained how "ONLY Mrs. Regina can cut our hair, NEVER us", gave her a kiss and told her good night.  The next morning, with the light ON, there was quite a bit missing from the right side of her head.  But you know what?  She's just as beautiful, we are just rolling with it!  No need to freak out or do a drastic try-to-match-the-other-side hair cut!  
The morning after.
See, this picture was just a few days later and it isn't even noticeable.  Whew!

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