Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Rylee! Aunt Meg loves you!

The Birthday girl with her sweet Mommy
We were taking pictures of Rylee and she asked to take pictures of us.  This led to us laughing our tails off as she would take a picture, check it, instruct them on how to pose and take more, check it.  I thought "what if"...what if she grows up to be a photographer?  We'll look back on her 3rd birthday party smile.

Laid back, waiting on the party guests to arrive.
 Lindsay did an awesome job on the food!

Bella and Rylee were so happy that it was FINALLY party time!  Waiting time for 3 year-olds are WAY longer!
My beautiful sisters and mama!  I love them so dearly!!!
Rylee was excited to see Lucy too!
Aunt Lulu knows how much Bella loves cake pops.  She made sure give Bella one of the 1st ones.
Oh, how I love our Lucy!
Family photo...Lucy's face cracks me up as she is trying her very best to get that balloon.  HA!
How cool is it that Rylee had SnoBiz at her birthday party?  I got as excited as she did.  (My fav...cotton candy, of course).

Lucy made sure to get her a Toodles Treat!
Oh how I love my sisters so!!!!

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Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

Just when I think your pictures couldn't get any cuter - you come with this. ADORABLE!

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