Sunday, March 24, 2013

only scratching the surface of my world

Blogging has it's challenges.  
I so enjoy writing and sharing!  I love typing thoughts and feelings and silly stories and life's tough moments.  Partly why I've been a little quiet lately is because there are things going on in my life that I'm choosing to keep private...for many reasons.  It's quite hard for me because, well simply~I love expressing my thoughts & life events. I love descriptive writing and typing these moments so they will be vivid reminders later in my life.  With that being said....I'm not disappearing, but just scratching the surface of my little world.   These are some cute moments I enjoyed last week.
Lucy's 1st time in pitiful. 
Being silly with Daddy!
Lucy "brushing" my hair with a stick.
Strawberry shortcake picnic.  Mmmm.
Beautiful sunset in our back yard.
Happy St Patrick's Day
I met and enjoyed lunch with a few of my old St Vincent's friends and 2 of their newborns.  I miss these girls so much!

Lazy Saturday morning cartoons.
Lucy's crazy bed head!  I love it!

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Caitlin Hartsfield said...

Poor Lucy!

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