Wednesday, March 6, 2013

picture overload

Some are these snap shots are repeats if you're my FB friend or follow me on Instagram. Sorry.  Either way, I wanted to share some of our more recent moments.  All of these cell phone pictures, so the quality is less than the best.  But sweet moments none the less... 
This was a Saturday morning.  I got up to run and these 2 snuggled up and watched cartoons.  

Bella said "Hey Mama, watch my show."  So she hid and her Barbie danced and sang.  It was cute.

Jacob, Bella and I went to the RV show a couple weeks ago and it was so cute how she would rub his head while he held her.

She didn't like how loud the waterfall was.

Lunch at Logans

Quick nap

We stopped to look for Jacob and I some new shoes...we bought Bella a pair and she played at little putt-putt.

This little angel and I played in Bella's room for a long time one day.  I love her so much.

Lucy has always had impressive morning hair.
I snapped this picture and sent it to a sweet friend.

We had a fish fry and family time.  Jacob's uncle has horses & chickens.  Bella enjoyed visiting them.
...and feeding them
...and riding them.

This horse is having a baby next month.  See her big ol belly?

Bella was playing with her babies and shoved one in each of our shirts.  At 1st, I thought she was just carrying the baby around, because for the 1st 6 months of Lucy's life, that's how I went grocery shopping with both of them.  Then she said that her baby was in her tummy.  (NO there is NOT a real baby in my tummy)

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